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Vigere OT: Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD; Dyspraxia) Assessment Clinic

Increasing an understanding of DCD and the impact that this can have on an individual is of central importance to supporting their development, sense of
self-efficacy and long-term well-being.

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What we provide

We have identified a need for people to be able to access a high quality, multi- disciplinary private assessment clinic in the South West. This has been developed in line with the NICE guidelines. We are excited to now be able to offer this as a service through Vigere OT, combining expertise from our highly trained occupational therapists and an experienced paediatrician. This will be available privately for young people up to the age of 25 years old.

Professional Roles:

Occupational Therapist’s Role within the DCD clinic

Prior to booking your child onto the clinic, the developmental history questionnaire and DCD -Q that you completed will have been reviewed to ensure that this is a suitable pathway for your child. On the day of the clinic your child will be seen by either Rosie or Lou, specialist occupational therapists and Co-Directors of Vigere OT.

During the clinic we will spend time with your child to complete the Movement ABC. This is a standardised assessment that enables us to gain a clinical measure of your child’s fine and gross motor coordination skills and the impact this has on their ability to carry out activities of daily.

Paediatrician’s Role within the DCD clinic

Dr. Jo Lewis is a Consultant Community Paediatrician at Royal Cornwall Hospital. She also works as the paediatrician in the NHS Neurodevelopmental Pathway team. Jo’s role in your child’s assessment is to review your child’s NHS notes, providing a quick summary if appropriate and to decide if a medical history and paediatric assessment is needed. This is because, when assessing for neurodevelopmental difficulties in children and young adults, it is best practice to ensure there are no alternative medical causes. Jo will not be offering paediatric advice or support and will only be supporting your child’s DCD assessment. Jo will meet with you and your child on the day of the clinic to complete a short paediatric assessment if deemed clinically required. Her findings will be contained within the multidisciplinary Vigere OT report.

Making a Referral

The clinic assessment and summary report will cost £695.

Initial screening via a referral form is provided free of charge to identify suitability to attend the clinic.

Payment in advance (to eligible attendees) secures your place on the clinic.

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